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Arbor is a love letter to the forest.

Long ago, our world was covered in forests.


Trees reached for the heavens, like pillars in temples of life. Living things shared the world in harmony with one another. Our ancestors knew that the forest was a sacred, magic place. It seems that we have forgotten this truth.


We are disconnected from the magic of the forest. We live lives of streamlined efficiency, trapped behind glass screens. We move so quickly that we forget to stop and sense the earth beneath our feet.

This is our world. It's the only world we're ever going to have. While we have lost the towering trees of the past, there is no need to despair. There are still sacred forests we can protect. There is still magic all around us. 


The mission of the Game of Arbor is to remind us of our connection with the forest. To reawaken a sense of wonder for the majesty of the trees. To reconnect with the harmony that surrounds us still.

The Game of Arbor is designed from the ground up with sustainability in mind. The game is produced from sustainable and innovative materials that are either reused, recycled, or return life to the planet.


This project strives to have a positive impact upon the forests of our planet. For each game sold, a tree is planted in a region that has suffered from heavy deforestation. In the future, every product sold will also plant a tree. 

Finally, the Game of Arbor is committed to building a community of players that share in its mission. After all, the game was made to be enjoyed. Each person that contributes to or shares the game with a friend is part of its story. Together, we are a forest.

Jesse Kroon

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