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current role

Senior Game Designer 

product madness, london    october 2022 - present

I was promoted to this role to better reflect the level of work I was delivering as a game designer. I work to ensure the central vision of new game projects is maintained and communicated. I work alongside leads in the tech and art departments, representing the player’s perspective in the development process. Additionally, I act as a strategist for the New Games department and work to develop the Game Design discipline at Product Madness.

Game Designer 

product madness, london    april 2021 - october 2022

Creator and Game Designer 

the game of arbor

arbor games, utrecht    january 2019 - june 2021

Experience Designer 

sherlocked, amsterdam    november 2019 - april 2020

Experience Designer and Lead 

logic locks, amsterdam    september 2017 - november 2019


Master of Arts | New Media and Digital Culture 

utrecht university, utrecht    2014 - 2016

Dissertation on emergent versus embedded narrative syructure in digital games.

Bachelor of Arts | Humanities 

university college utrecht, utrecht    2011 - 2014

Religious Studies, Philosophy, History | cum laude


leadership    storytelling    game design    narrative design    worldbuilding    writing communication    strategy    research & analysis    creative problem solving


Fitness & strength training
Filter coffee

favorite games

World of Warcraft
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Slay the Spire
Starcraft (I & II)
Mini Metro
Into the Breach

At my core, I am a storyteller. I’ve been a storyteller since I was a kid: creating imaginary adventures for my little brother (complete with dastardly villains and triumphant victories). Once I discovered games, they became the vehicle for my creativity. All my life, I have been driven to tell stories through mechanics and interactive worlds. I have been lucky enough to turn my passion into my career. My experience thinking about and working with games has been diverse.


I wrote my Masters dissertation on narrative design structures in games. I have created physical gameplay experiences and designed gripping narrative experiences within them. I independently designed, crowdfunded and produced my own board game. And most recently, I work in London developing new mobile game concepts. Regardless of the medium, my focus as a game designer is to craft meaningful and fun experiences to players. 


I believe that the best experiences are built by diverse teams that are guided by a clear vision. As a game designer, I safeguard and champion the vision of the games I work on. I articulate the vision of the game in succinct and applicable pillars, which in turn act as the north star for the team. With game pillars set, my focus is to channel the creativity of my team towards the high level goals of the experience. I am experienced in communicating game vision with different disciplines at all levels of development, from early concept to full scale production documentation.


I pride myself on being flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances and production requirements. I think quickly and listen to expertise, always seeking to contribute an open minded approach to design. As a professional, I constantly seek feedback and growth. I hold myself and the work I deliver to a high standard, and value the input of my colleagues immensely. Likewise, I most enjoy working with people who pursue excellence as well.

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