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the game of arbor

When I set my sights on becoming a game designer, I figured that the best way to prove myself was to get to work and design a game. I wanted to create a platform for players to express themselves, to play their way. 

The result of this endeavor was The Game of Arbor. From early notes sketched on the train to a fully fledged, crowd funded, sustainable product, Arbor has been a labor of love. I am forever in debt to the friends who supported me and the people who believed in my passion. 

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shadows - Copy.jpg

the amsterdam catacombs

I was part of the team behind The Amsterdam Catacombs, a horror escape room experience in Amsterdam. For the entire duration of my tenure as Experience Lead and manager of the Escape Room, we enjoyed the #1 position on ratings websites for experiences in Amsterdam. We received awards from enthusiast organisations and industry colleagues alike. 


I am proud to have been part of the team that created an incredible experience that still scares people to this day.

arbor 2

Arbor was my love letter to games. It was a passionate, bold statement of what I think games can be. I am so proud of what I managed to build and what I learned along the way. 

But much like the painter who can't stop adding brush strokes, I just can't help iterating. 

Arbor 2 is an exercise in essentialising the original design. By using only the components I already produced, I am crafting a sleeker, faster version of the game. The rules are currently in development.

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