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Image by Ryan Hutton



Return to the garden world to grow great forests once again.


Arbor 2 is a sequel that features streamlined rules designed to speed up and simplify the game while staying true to the original feeling of The Game of Arbor. 

Play as powerful Ancients, both familiar and new, and wield the power of earth and stars to craft your strategy. 

Go forth and grow in the Mother's name.

This new version of the game reuses original game components and recycles concepts to allow players to enjoy a whole new game without needing to purchase anything! 

The Game of Arbor has always been about adaptability, variability, and change, and Arbor 2 is no different. If anything, this version of the game is even more so. 

These core rules will cover how to play Arbor 2 in full for a standard game of 2 players. See the Variants for games of more than 2 players.

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