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My name is Jesse Kroon. In 2017, I put pen to paper and began designing The Game of Arbor. 


I believe that games are about freedom and self expression. Games are systems that allow us to forge our own paths and write our own stories. I wanted to create a game that embodied these principles.  

Arbor has been a labor of love. This is a grassroots project that has only been made possible by the support of my friends and family.


I'm grateful to every single person who has playtested, listened to my stories, or has shown curiosity about this dream of mine.



The Game of Arbor is a game about growing forests. It was clear to me from the beginning of this project that Arbor would be committed to sustainable production.


Every aspect of the game, from the design to the packaging has been guided by this principle. Already, this project has forged connections with producers that share in it's sustainable ambitions. 


Arbor is a game about the forest, for the forest.


A core goal of this project is to build an engaged community of players.  From the earliest days of playtesting, players have speculated on the best possible strategies. The next step for Arbor is to provide a place where players can share their ideas and discuss the best strategies.


In addition, I am developing new game modes that will be available to all players. My hope is that by engaging with players beyond the moment they buy the game, I will develop a lasting community of fans.

More than anything, I just want Arbor to be played.


The Game of Arbor rewards tactical thinking and shrewd analysis. The more you play the game, the better you become. Because of the amount of choice available to the player, they are able to develop their own, distinct approach to the game. 

I want to lean into this aspect of the game by developing a competitive format and organizing tournaments. These events will be places where experienced players can prove their skill and new players can learn how to play. 


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Helping Arbor Grow the Forest

For each Game of Arbor sold, a tree is planted. Arbor Games partnered with CarbonCancel in order to make this possible. On the CarbonCancel platform, users can calculate their carbon footprint, educate themselves on easy ways to reduce it, and even offset their footprint. 


A Different Kind of Board

The board for the Game of Arbor, as well as the bags of components, are made of textile produced from recycled PET bottles by Waste2Wear. In the production of their recycled textiles, Waste2Wear uses 70% less energy, 75% less CO2 and 86% less water than non-recycled fabrics.

A single game of Arbor contains 24 recycled plastic bottles!

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A Rulebook for the Forest

The rulebook for the game was produced by Drukkerij De Bink in Leiden using Elephantgrass paper. This is a new, sustainable paper developed by Vibers, a Dutch company. The paper is not chemically treated and 100% biodegradeable. De Bink is committed to carbon neutrality and sustainable production.

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