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Our story began on board the Providence, with a group of adventurers on their way to the city of Aethero. What started as an uneventful journey ended in disaster, as the Povidence was attacked by pirates in search of something.

While some of the passengers were brutally killed and others mysteriously disappeared, a party of adventurers came together to fight back. Once the battle was done, the survivors joined Gregor in a mad rush to the escape gliders. At the last moment, Gregor gave Kasos something, before staying behind to secure their escape.


The last thing the party saw was the Providence breaking apart in the sky above them, before Phiz managed to get the defensive shell of the glider closed. 

The party crash landed on Lost Rock, one of the many islands in the sky that make up the Lost Lands. After some discussion, they decided to make their way down what seemed to be a path. 


At a fork in the path, they decided to venture into the woodland. After a short walk, they reached a clearing that stretched in front of a cave. There, the party encountered Raptor, the Gryphon of Lost Rock. Luckily, they managed to survive the encounter due to the mysterious power of Elric's voice. 


Just afterwards, the party met Oro, and with the treasures found within the cave in tow, returned to his workshop. Oro offered to take the party to Aethero, as he had some business he should attend to. 

The party assumed roles aboard the Skyward, and set off together. Upon arrival in Aethero, they were immediately questioned by a rather familiar looking dwarf. This is where our first chapter ended. 

Aethero Homestone.png


Image by Michael & Diane Weidner


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