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The Ancients have awoken and the world begins to bloom once again. From their palace in the sky, the Stars look down upon Arbor with growing interest. Long ago, the Spirits of fire, storm, light, and shadow competed for influence among Arbor's inhabitants. The long slumber of the world brought boredom upon their infinite minds. But now, new growth brings new opportunities to prove their superiority. 

Lau'su the Gold, the spirit of Light, and Xin'eth the Dark, the spirit of Shadow, have long been rivals. They now wage war across the cosmos, meeting upon astral battlefields in a struggle for dominance. As the energies of Light and Shadow wax and wane, the world of Arbor is affected. The seasons have come, and they bring with them new challenges for Arbor's children. 


This expansion adds the Seasons mechanic to the base ruleset of The Game of Arbor. Seasons are periods of time during the game in which special rules apply. 

There are 2 Seasons: La'suul, the Summer & Xi'tho, the Winter.

Throughout the game, the seasons will shift between Summer and Winter, 

Each Season lasts for 4 individual player turns, meaning that in a two player game, each player will spend 2 turns in a Season.

There are three aspects of the Seasons mechanic:

Special Rules : Summer and Winter seasons alter the base ruleset of the game for their duration.

Tithes  : When a Season is triggered, players must perform a special action.

Invocations : During a Season, players have access to special abilities that they can use with their Ancient Blessing roll or in exchange for 3 Manna. 

Image by Dakota Roos


Tithe of Summer

Players must fill their Aura of Fertility with Tree Cards from their hand (so far as this is possible).  

Draw +1 Tree

During the Dawn Phase of your turn during Summer, you draw 1 more Tree than you would normally be allowed to draw. 

Draw 2 Cultivation Cards

If you spend Manna to draw a Cultivation Card during Summer, you may draw 2 Cards instead of 1. This does not apply to the Invocation of Light.

Unable to draw Star Cards

For the duration of Summer, you are not allowed to draw Star Cards.

Invocation of Light (3 Manna or an Ancient Blessing roll)


Choose 1:

- Draw 4 Trees and 1 Cultivation Card

- Draw 2 Trees and 2 Cultivation Cards

Snowy Mountains


Tithe of Winter

All players must remove 3 Trees from their Forest and return them to their hand. 

Reduced Star Card costs

For the duration of Winter, Star Cards cost 1 less Manna to draw and 1 less Manna to play. If a Star Costs no Manna, and it is played during your turn, it grants 1 additional Manna. 

No Tree Draw 

For the duration of Winter, cannot draw Trees. 

Unable to draw Cultivation Cards

For the duration of Summer, you are not allowed to draw Cultivation Cards.

Invocation of Shadow (3 Manna or an Ancient Blessing roll)


Choose 1:

- Steal 2 Cultivation Cards from an opponent without looking at the cards.

- Steal 1 Cultivation Cards from an opponent and look at all the Effect Cards in their hand.

The game starts in Summer.

Begin your game of Seasons by tapping on the button below:

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