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Hal Sono
Hal sono

charming smuggler

The dashing smuggler lord of Aethero. From within his hideout, he orchestrates a vast network of black market dealings, or so he claims.


While his methods may be... illegal, he appears to have the best interests of the people of Aethero at heart. 

The party discovered his Hideout after arriving in the city with the help of a beguiling voice and the slightest breeze. 

At the smuggler's request, the party was sent to collect an innocuous receipt from a contact at Three Stone.


well traveled skycaptain

An elderly gentleman who lived alone upon the island he affectionately calls Lost Rock. He joined the party to Aethero, and is now staying at the Cradle.

While old, his airship the Skyward has been kept in impeccable shape. It is a testament to Oro's love and skill as a captain that it has survived this long.

He appears to have a connection with Nosos the Shipwright. It seems they have some kind of history.


"helpful" automaton

Jenkyns Mark 3 is the well meaning assistant of Nosos the Shipwright who first greeted the party upon their arrival in the Cradle.

When the party set off on their first adventure, Jenkyns was sent along with them as their Lookout. The idea being that his perceptive abilities would aid them in their quest. 

The automaton's first attempt at helping ended rather dramatically, but led to an intriguing change. The healing touch of Verushka's device granted Jenkyns the ability to converse with Copperfield, the wizard's avian familiar.

Lady looseleaf

gregarious innkeeper

Known by some as the Matron of Haven, Lady Looseleaf is the kindhearted innkeeper at The Falling Leaf Inn.

Besides being the port's leading purveyor of warm ale and bread to traveling merchants, Looseleaf is also keenly interested in the wellbeing of the city.

Since her youth, when she acquired the deed to the inn, she has strived to make life better for the people of Aethero. Her love for the city is clear, and the warmth of her smile soothes the soul.

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gifted shipwright

One of the last freelance shipwrights in the Lost Lands, Nosos is a keeper of ancient knowledge. His skill in the ancient art of Technomancy makes him a important figure in Aethero. 

From his beloved workshop in Lowtown, Nosos tinkers with Living Engines large and small. With the aide of his... helpful assistants, new airships are set to the skies from  within the cradle.

Age has not slowed the shipwright, though it shows on his face and in his hands. In fact, his heart stirred at the sight of an old friend. Perhaps more than a friend?


the laughing woman

A mysterious woman with a brilliant smile, and a memorable laugh. She was present in the galley of the Providence, and showed a keen interest in learning more about you. She gave Verushka a Golden Cigarette, which turned out to have invigorating properties.


When the pirate attack broke out, she mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Perhaps you'll come across her again in your travels.


curious customs master

Known by the merchants of the lost lands as the gatekeeper of Aethero, Herm is busiest dwarf in the Haven.

Herm pulled some strings to ensure the party could get Aetheran passports, though he was unable to avoid the interference of Eredor, the arrogant, bumbling captain of the Haven Guard.

Herm seemed very keen to keep word of the Providence's fate from spreading. 



dilligent dockmaster

Aboard the Providence, Fern's word is law. He is arbiter of all Aetheran Passports, and as such is a very important Dwarf to know. The party met him in the galley of the Providence en route to the city, but before they could get their passports, the pirate attack broke out. Fern was quickly taken hostage and dragged away by the Pirate Captain in search of something. 

After the fighting broke out, the party hasn't seen Fern any more. The dockmaster's fate is unknown. 













Image by Michael & Diane Weidner


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