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Our second chapter began with the sudden interrogation of the party by Herm, the custom's master of Aethero. Due to the party's lack of Aetheran passports, they needed to be processed.


Herm was adamant that they relay their experience aboard the Providence with none other than the Council of Aethero. Unfortunately, this plan was  stonewalled when Eredor, the bumbling, blustering, bafoon of a captain of the guard got in the way.

In order to gain access to the Citadel, the party must earn a Seal of Aethero, a coveted magical mark that proves an individual is trusted. 

In the alley behind the Falling Leaf Inn, the party discovered the hideout of the memorable bartender from aboard the Providence. Revealing himself to be a smuggler with a heart of gold (or so he claims), Hal Sono shared some knowledge of the city with them. 

Lady Looseleaf gave the party a quest to investigate missing shipments of Starwine from Three Stone Villa. In order to go on this quest, the party needed the Skyward.

Oro piloted the Skyward down into Lowtown, where Nosos the Shipwright performed the necessary repairs. That night, the party returned to Hal Sono to find him hard at work orchestrating a smuggling operation of some kind. He requested that they acquire an innocuous receipt from a contact at Three Stone.  

The next morning, the party set off from The Cradle with a Jenkyns in tow. Their journey to Three Stone passed uneventfully, and upon arrival, they were informed that a Wyvern had taken up residence. A wyvern with a particular love of Starwine.

In search of the receipt Hal Sono had asked for, they followed Gora the Winecaptain into the lower docks of the Villa. There, they were ambushed by Pirate Assassins. The ensuing battle was short, and a single assassin escaped along the cliffs. 


The Big City

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Longing stone.png

Since the Calamity, the floating islands that make up the Broken Lands are in constant motion. While certain groups of islands stay roughly in the same general vicinity, the skies are in constant flux. Luckily, there is a way to navigate the Wild Skies. 


Homestones are the shards of crystal that are attuned to the core of a given island. When set inside a Navisphere, a homestone will shine a faint beam of light in the direction of the destination. Like location specific compasses, homestones are the means that Skycaptains can find their way across the realm. 

Because of their utility, Homestones are increadibly valuable. 

Guardians of the peace and protectors of the sovereignty of Aethero, the Knights of Wind can trace their roots back to the days just following the Calamity. The myth of their founding claims that Calipso, God of Zephyrs gave her blessing to those warriors to strove to protect the survivors. 


Eventually, these knights and the flock they were shepherding made their way to then abandoned city of Aethero. Since then, the Knights have been a constant presence, witnessing the rise of the Council, the Citadel, the College, and the Hall. Surprisingly, their order never strove for political gain, and has remained neutral through the storied history of the city. 

The loyalty of the order is to the people of Aethero and the values of freedom and independence. As they were in the days of their founding, the Knights are dedicated to the protection of those who cannot protect themselves.

All this being said, recent events belie that not all those within the ranks of their order are still true to the old ways. 


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The airships of Aethero owe their miraculous ability to soar through the skies to the Living Engines that power them. This ancient, magical technology is older than anyone can remember. Access to this enviable technology is central to the riches of the Lost Lands. 

Maintained by the arcane smiths known as Technomancers, these engines are able to produce the phenomenal energies used in countless ways. From an airship's Navisphere to it's propulsion system, Living Engines are the lifeblood of travel through the skies. 

The powers that be in the Lost Lands, whether they be nobles of Aethero or bandit lords of Shagune, have a strong interest in keeping this technology to themselves. As such, the knowledge of Living Engines is hoarded, and certainly not shared with the rulers of the lowly kingdoms in the Unbroken Lands.

"And from the heavens fell the Innocent, to lighten our hearts and purify our souls."

29:7 The Book of Zalthar

The Church of the Sacred Child is the leading religious organisation in the unbroken world. Adherents of the Faith believe that long ago, a divine being in the form of a child saved all of creation by standing against the darkness and banishing it from the world. The child's sacrifice is considered the greatest gift ever bestowed upon the living. 

The core calling of the Faithful is to practice the holy disciplines of Innocence, Obedience, Service, and Purity. Those who carry the Gilded Hand upon their tabards and armor are instantly recognised as agents of the Church. The Cantors of the Sacred Child give hope to the people in dark times, and in return demand hefty tithes.

While these days the Church is seen as a non-political entity, this was not always the case. Long ago, High Cantor Aurelius sent forth legions of Paladin Knights to conquer and unify the Unbroken Lands. They succeeded in this effort, but the cost was great. In time, Kingdoms rose to claim independence from the hegemony of the Church. Diminished in power, the "Cantory" accepted a less direct role in the affairs of the world. 

From the holy city of Veritas, the Church now spreads its influence through the sermon and the missionary, rather than the lance and the sword. Primarily, at least...

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sacred child.png



Long ago, the world was whole. Empires rose and fell, and countless people lived rich and diverse lives. Of all the civilizations to have graced the world, one rose above all others. 

Known as the Aetheran Accord, this union of city states and kingdoms was ruled by a council of wise and powerful magi. Their magic had granted them such power that none could challenge them. Emboldened by their position, the sorcerers and wizards of the Accord explored the depths of the Arcane with an insatiable hunger.

No one knows exactly what happened, but on a day known only as the Calamity, a terrible spell went horribly wrong. The land was torn asunder and the very heart of the Aetheran Accord was decimated. When it was all over, half the world was set adrift, fragmented in a constant storm of Arcane energy. 

Centuries have passed, and memory of the magi who's greed shattered the world has passed into myth. New kingdoms have risen, and life goes on. Today, the Lost Lands are draped in mystery, obscured by Arcane winds and enchanted clouds.

While most of the world has moved on from the stories of the Accord and accepted that the Lost Lands are indeed lost, there are some who dare to brave the skies. 

Some say that there are people who live among the broken, floating islands. That there are cities of magic and treasures of ancient gold to be found hidden among the clouds. The legends tell of treasure hunters depart on great Airships into the unknown. 

You were raised on tales of these hunters and the ships that bear them into the clouds. For a long time, you thought they were just stories. That is, until not so long ago, when you came across a scroll pinned to a message board in a muddy, drab hamlet. 

Your reasons are your own, but you decided that this opportunity couldn't be missed. You immediately made your way to the Westernmost city known to the mortal races: Farport. There, you managed to acquire passage on the Providence. 




Dark Harbinger.png

The pirate airship that attacked the Providence and changed the fate of our adventurers forever. The Dark Harbinger seems to constantly be surrounded by a terrible storm. Purple lightning strikes from black clouds, and a sinking feeling of dread poisons the hearts of all those who see this vessel. 

The pirates who call the airship home seem not to be affected by the aura of darkness. In fact, they seem energized by it. What could cause this peculiar phenomena is not understood. 

The captain of the Dark Harbinger seems to have an interest in a stone that was present on the Providence. He has sent an assassin to find a way into Aethero and reclaim his prize, as well as put an end to those who witnessed the destruction of the Providence.

Image by Michael & Diane Weidner


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