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Welcome to the online home for our homebrew DnD campaign: Skyward. I am very excited to share this with you and hope to get you hyped for what is to come. 

On this site you can find information on the setting of the campaign, resources to create your character, as well some of the information I would like you to prepare ahead of our first play session. 

Let me know what you think! I can't wait to go on this adventure with you.



A message is printed in grand letters upon a runed scroll. It called your attention the moment you saw it on the message board. 

Seeking brave souls to join the crew of the PROVIDENCE on a voyage to the Lost Lands! All those who answer the call will travel aboard the finest airship in the Empire to discover the wealth that lies beyond the Wild Skies!

This is just what you have been waiting for. A call for adventurers to join on a once in a lifetime journey. A chance to leave the old world and it's worries behind. The promise of knowledge and riches beyond one's wildest dreams. 

All it takes is for you answer the call, and your life will never be the same. The time has come to seize this day and choose for adventure.

Our story will be told across multiple sessions, through the course of great and exciting adventures. In order to get started, I need you to do some preparation. 

For our first session, you'll need to prepare your character. Feel free to use any DnD resource to help, but I can personally recommend DnD Beyond as a place to get started. Creating a character includes choosing a Race and a Class that you want to play. 

Alongside the basics, you can also think about your character's personality, their backstory, or anything that you feel will help round them out as a believable person. 

In order to help me prepare the story of Skyward, I would like you to answer the following questions:

1. What is your character's motivation for joining the voyage of the Providence into the unknown? (for example, is it seeking treasure, or knowledge, or adventure?)

2. What kind of life is your character leaving behind? What were the circumstances of their life before the journey?

3. What is deep secret that your character keeps?



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Get sarted
Image by Michael & Diane Weidner




Skyward is going to be a collaborative role playing game experience. We will explore the world together, and your choices will have a real impact on how things play out. 

However, I have prepared the setting to be deep and full of life. Below, I've recorded a bit of an intro for the world.


Long ago, the world was whole. Empires rose and fell, and countless people lived rich and diverse lives. Of all the civilizations to have graced the world, one rose above all others. 

Known as the Aetheran Accord, this union of city states and kingdoms was ruled by a council of wise and powerful magi. Their magic had granted them such power that none could challenge them. Emboldened by their position, the sorcerers and wizards of the Accord explored the depths of the Arcane with an insatiable hunger.

No one knows exactly what happened, but on a day known only as the Calamity, a terrible spell went horribly wrong. The land was torn asunder and the very heart of the Aetheran Accord was decimated. When it was all over, half the world was set adrift, fragmented in a constant storm of Arcane energy. 

Centuries have passed, and memory of the magi who's greed shattered the world has passed into myth. New kingdoms have risen, and life goes on. Today, the Lost Lands are draped in mystery, obscured by Arcane winds and enchanted clouds.


While most of the world has moved on from the stories of the Accord and accepted that the Lost Lands are indeed lost, there are some who dare to brave the skies. 

Some say that there are people who live among the broken, floating islands. That there are cities of magic and treasures of ancient gold to be found hidden among the clouds. The legends tell of treasure hunters depart on great Airships into the unknown. 

You were raised on tales of these hunters and the ships that bear them into the clouds. For a long time, you thought they were just stories. That is, until not so long ago, when you came across a scroll pinned to a message board in a muddy, drab hamlet. 

Your reasons are your own, but you decided that this opportunity couldn't be missed. You immediately made your way to the Westernmost city known to the mortal races: Farport. There, you managed to acquire passage on the Providence. 

Now, you find yourself in the galley of this great vessel, ready to depart. There are many others around you...  can you trust them? Who knows what this adventure will bring. 

All you know is, you're ready for what is to come.

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