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"Rejoice, for the forest has returned."

The Arborium rises from the earth. Cosmic energy flows through it and into you. A fountain of Manna that washes away the fog of sleep.

You recall those final moments. The darkest day when all seemed lost. That the Mother rose from her throne of light. To save the world with dying breath.


That was the day your sleep began. It was the day the forest fell. The day all things lost their Mother. But it was not the end.


She bid you sleep to rise again. To regrow the world and claim her power. To once again grow the dominion of life upon the world. 

You know now what your purpose is. You will be the one to take up her mantle. You will guide all the forests to harmony once again.

It is your destiny.


The player that completed the Quest from Chapter 7  has unlocked new rules for the group! Well done. They must now meditate upon the knowledge they have restored. Their next turn is skipped. 

In this Chapter, you will learn about Victory Points: how to earn them and how to win the Game of Arbor.


In the Game of Arbor, players are competing to gain Victory Points (VP):

Once a player has gained 8 VP, they are in a winning position and will win the game at the start of their next turn.


If their opponent(s) are unable to reach 8 VP themselves, reduce the VP the leading player has, or take the lead with more VP, the leading player wins the game.


The game ends immediately when one player reaches 10 VP.


Earning Victory Points

You earn VP by having Active Structures in your Forest and by controlling the Roots. Controlling the Roots grants you the most VP. 

Victory Points from Structures

You also gain Victory Points from having Active Structures in your Forest. 

For each Active Structure (Temple and Arborium), you gain 1 Victory Point.

The Roots of the Mother

Root cards are placed in the center of the board at the start of the game, covering 1 space completely and 8 spaces partially. 

The 8 spaces partially covered by the Root Card are the Aura of the Root. By placing cards in this Aura, you gain control of the Root.

Roots grant Victory Points in 3 ways:

Story Mode Root1.png
Story Mode Root3.png
Story Mode Root2.png

Single Control

When only 1 player controls a Root, they gain 2 VP. 

Shared Control

When 2 (or more) players control a Root, both gain 1 VP. 

Surrounding a Root

When only 1 player surrounds a Root, they gain 4 VP. 


The Soul of the Forest (Complete)

If the connection between your Ancient and your Structures is severed, they is considered Inactive

You lose the benefits it gives you until you are able to reconnect your Forest. This includes whatever Resources and Victory Points they grant you.

However, Structures (Temples & the Arborium) never lose Eternity.

In the example below, the Lavender player has a total of 6 Victory Points (2 from Shared Root Control, 1 from  Single Root Control and 3 from Active Structures). 

Story Mode Soul1.png

Here, we see that 2 Trees were removed by the opponent. Now the lavender player only has 2 Victory Points (2 from Single Root Control).

Story Mode Soul2.png

MEMORY restored:



Win the Game of Arbor

Gain enough Victory Points and win the Game of Arbor.

You will need to control the Roots on the board and build Structures in order to generate enough Victory Points.

The first player to do so will earn 5 Glory and advance the group to the Epilogue.

Quest Complete?

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