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"Awaken, little one, and regrow the world."

The promised day has finally come. The Ancients walk the earth once more. They wield the light of creation, the wisdom of soil. They have built the Temples and claimed the Roots. The forest has returned.

On this field of glory challengers met. They called down Fire and Shadow and Light and Storm. Forests burned, tempests raged. And yet, remember how far you have come. In this struggle, life has won. 

On this day one Ancient has risen above the rest. But this is not the end. There are many more Roots to claim. If the world is to be made whole again, more work must be done. 

The challengers bow before the glorious victor. All return to rest within their woods. And finally, they remember. 

You are not a nameless one. You recall the gift your Mother gave only you. Your true and solitary purpose. Reclaim your name.


Congratulations! By completing Story Mode, you have unlocked the memories of the 5 Ancients. In future games of Arbor, you will play 1 of these 5 characters.


The Ancient you choose to play as is a unique character with powerful abilities that changes the way you approach the game.

Passive Abilities

Your Ancient's Passive is a special rule that only applies to them. 

Ancient Blessing

Just like the Ancient Blessing you played with during Story Mode, your Ancient's Blessing is activated when you roll the symbol on the Manna Dice during your Dawn Phase or play the Cultivation Card Ancient Blessing.

At the start of a Game of Arbor, the oldest player chooses the Ancient they want to play with first, followed by a clockwise order of choosing. 

Let's take a look at the 5 Ancients you can choose from:


Oduun the Verdant

Oduun the Verdant is the Ancient that Arbor tasked with studying the power of the Trees. He is strong and kind. Oduun seeks to help things grow in the right way.


You start the game drawing 3 Trees instead of 2 in your Dawn Phase.


Ancient Blessing 

You can exchange Manna for Trees during your Day Phase. You draw 1 Tree for each Manna exchanged. 

No'oruu the Astral

No’oruu the Astral is the Ancient that Arbor tasked with studying the mysteries of the Stars. She is ardent and brilliant. No'oruu seeks to understand the nature of the universe.


You can draw Star Cards for 2 Manna, but you can only draw the top card of the Deck.


Ancient Blessing 

The first Star Card that you plays on your turn does not have a Manna cost.


Aluul the Seeker

Aluul the Seeker is the Ancient that Arbor tasked with delving into the earth and seeking the knowledge of the soil. She is a stable and wise. Aluul seeks to understand the many mysteries that reside among the roots of the trees.



You can draw 1 Cultivation Card per turn regardless of where your Ancient is standing for 2 Manna.


Ancient Blessing 

The next Cultivation Card you play is returned to your hand after you play it.

Telo'do the Wanderer

Telo’do the Wanderer is the Ancient that Arbor tasked with roaming the wide world and discovering what waited at its far edges. He is curious and willy. Telo'do never wants to be standing still for too long.


For every 1 Manna you spend moving your Ancient you can move up to 3 spaces.


Ancient Blessing 

You can move your Ancient to any card of your color on the board. This effect can only take place once per turn.


Do'ros the Arbiter

Dor’ros the Arbiter is the Ancient that Arbor tasked with studying the energy of creation, the Manna that infuses all things with life. He is a venerable and dignified. Do'ros sees himself as bearing the most important burden of all the Ancients.


If you roll a 3 or 5 on the Manna Die you choose in your Dawn Phase, gain 1 additional Manna.


Ancient Blessing 

Gain Maximum Manna. This effect can only take place once per turn.

Thank you for playing.


The Game of Arbor is a game of exploration and choice. From the first moment to the last, your decisions guide how the game will play out. Today, you have learned the ways of the Forest, but there is much more to uncover.

The Ancient you choose defines your playstyle and informs your unique approach to the game. Each character has different strengths, and it's up to you to discover which fits best with you.

This is just the beginning of your journey. Your destiny awaits you. 


knowledge restored:


Story Mode is an experimental learning experience designed by Jesse Kroon. 

Like all aspects of the Arbor project, Story Mode is constantly in a state of growth and change. Your feedback is more than welcome to help improve this experience. If you have any thoughts on the structure or pace of this experience, I would greatly appreciate you sharing those via the Feedback Form linked below. 

Thank you for playing, and good luck in your future matches!

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