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Chapter 1   |  Origin 

Chapter 2   |  Awakening

Chapter 3   |  "To Grow in the Light"

Chapter 4   |  "To Seek in the Dark"

Chapter 5   |  "To Bend in the Wind" 

Chapter 6   |  "To Reap what is Sown"

Chapter 7   |  "All Things Shall Pass, in Time"




First, there was nothing. 


Eternal. Silent. Empty. 


Then, within this vast and endless void something changed. 


From nothing, there came the Stars. Their birth was the dawn of existence. They shone with the light of creation incarnate. 


They were five.


There was Esh’to the Red, the spirit of Fire and Shai’al the Blue, the spirit of Storm. 


There was Lau’su the Gold, the spirit of Light and Xin’eth the Dark, the spirit of Shadow. 


Finally, there was Ool’lan the Silver, the spirit of Fate.


Their light was as eternal as the emptiness of the void. They knew they would never fade and never end. From the moment they came to be, they understood that their power was limitless. However, this might gave birth to an arrogance within them, as each thought they were superior. 


And so they challenged one another, and the War of the Stars began. Each Star attempted to gain dominance over their kin, and sent mighty avatars of their will to clash on astral battlefields. The cosmos roiled as the conflict rippled out across all creation. 


For millennia they fought on and on, but never could one defeat the other. In this cosmic war, the balance of power remained ever equal. Each Star was just as endless, just as infinitely powerful as the other. In this vain struggle, there could be no winner. No one could ever outmatch the other. 


It was Ool’lan the Silver who first understood this, and in his wisdom he brought his brother and sister Stars together to forge a peace between them. Having tired of fighting, the others agreed, bringing the war to an end. 


And so the Stars came to share their vast and dark domain. They resolved to exist in peace and would come together in a symbol of their unity: the endless, silver halls of the Palace of Creation.


Having sworn to never go to war again, boredom began to creep upon the endless Stars. It was from this boredom that an idea arose. If they were the very light of existence, beings of pure creation, then surely they should create. This must be their destiny, their purpose, and at least, it was something to do. They resolved to undergo a great experiment.


They came together in their shining palace and poured their cosmic power into a single point in the great, vast darkness of the void. The spirits of Fire and Storm and Light and Shadow and Fate focused their will as they never had before. For time immeasurable they persevered, empowered by the unity of their purpose. Finally, with a great and resounding crash of light, they changed the very nature of the universe.


In the place where they had poured their energy there now was a world. And upon that world, the seed of life had been sown.

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