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Spring Mountain


"Monuments of living stone stand silent sentinel."

The power of the Stars courses through you once again. Their eternal light brings back memories of how great the forest once was.

You look out across the barren world, and mourn for the forest that was lost. You remember the grandeur of that long lost age.

You recall great Temples of life, raised from the earth by living stone. These were places of meditation and harmony. Symbols of the Mother's power.

If the world is to return to its former glory, you must bring back these places of power. The time has come to raise the Temples once again. 


The player that completed the Quest from Chapter II  has unlocked new rules for the group! Well done. They must now meditate upon the knowledge they have restored. Their next turn is skipped. 

In this Chapter, you will learn about Temples: how to build them and the bonuses they give you.


Building a Temple

Temples are Structures, special cards that you can place on the board to fortify your Forest.  

Building a Temple costs 2 Manna and 2 Trees. 

You can build 5 Temples in your Forest. The Tree cost of a Temple increases by 2 for each Temple you have already built in your Forest. 

tree cost temple.png

Where you can build a Temple

Building a Temple follows the same rules as growing Trees:

(1) They can only be placed in a space that is connected to a card of your color.

(2) They can only be placed in a Fertile space.

However, there is one additional rule that you must follow when building a Temple:

(3) The space you build a Temple in must be bordered by at least 2 of your Trees.

Story Mode Temple1.png


Building a Temple costs:

(1) 2 Manna

(2) 2/4/6/8/10 Trees

For every Active Temple in your Forest, you draw +1 Tree in your Dawn Phase.


Active and Inactive Temples

As long as a Temple is bordered by at least 2 of your Trees, it is considered Active. Temples only grant their bonuses if they are Active.


(1) If a Temple is not bordered by at least 2 of your Trees, it becomes Inactive. The card is turned over to represent this.

(2) Inactive Temples do not grant you any of their bonuses. A Temple can be reactivated by regrowing Trees so that it is bordering at least 2 Trees again.

Story Mode Temple2.png
Story Mode Temple1.png

An Active Temple stands in the Lavender Forest.

A Tree has fallen, the Temple is Inactive.

Eternal Temples

Temples are Eternal, which means that they cannot be moved or removed by any effect.

Once you build a Temple, it isn't going anywhere, and you have permanently claimed that space on the board.

The Soul of the Forest (Part 2)

If the connection between your Ancient and your Temple is severed, they are considered Inactive

You lose the benefits it gives you until you are able to reconnect your Forest. 

However, Temples never lose Eternity.

Spring Mountain

MEMORY restored:



Build the Temples

Build 2 Temples in your Forest, with 1 on a Root.

You will need to save Trees in your hand in order to build Temples.

The first player to do so will earn 1 Glory and advance the group to Chapter 4.

Quest Complete?

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