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"The forests have awoken."

Once, our world was a place of harmony. In that past age the forest stretched far and wide. But no longer.

All that we had grown and built together was never meant to last. When calamity struck, we were not prepared. That our world survived at all is a miracle: the final gift of the Mother Tree.

Since the Fall, our world has diminished. Nothing more than lonely, stunted trees and swaying grass grows upon the plain. The forest has been caught in a deep slumber. Until today. 

Something stirs within the dormant wood. An ancient power begins to wake. Perhaps there is yet hope for the garden world. The time of the forest has come again.


Your Forest

Each of you has chosen a color to play with. You will place the cards of your color on the board throughout the game, expanding your Forest and claiming territory by doing so. 

Your Deck and your Hand

Your personal supply of cards is referred to as your deck. You draw Trees from your deck into your hand at the start of every turn. You can only use the Trees you have in your hand. 

The Board

The board is divided into a grid. Each space on this grid is referred to as a Space. Spaces are where you will place your Trees as you grow your Forest. You are only allowed to stand on Spaces that have a card of your color inside them.

Starting Positions

Each of you has placed your Ancient on a Tree in your starting position. At the moment, this single Tree is the full extent your Forest. 

The Dice

There are two Manna Dice that you will roll throughout the game. These dice have numbered sides from 2 to 6. Instead of a 1, there is a special symbol. This symbol represents your Ancient Blessing. This will be explained soon.


knowledge restored:


The Roots

The Roots are the last remnants of Arbor, the Mother Tree. Reaching them will provide insight into who you are and what happened to your world.

Root Cards cover 1 space completely and partially cover 8 spaces. These 8 spaces are called the Aura of the Root. You connect with a Root by growing a Tree in its Aura. You cannot grow a Tree in the space covered by the Root Card.

The Ancient and the Forest

You are an Ancient, an immensely powerful spirit of the forest and one of the first children of Arbor, the Mother Tree. You are the force that will bring life back to the world. 

Your Ancient is represented by the wooden piece you chose at the start of the game. Your Ancient can only stand on cards of your color. You are only able to grow Trees around your Ancient, and throughout the game, you will move your Ancient in order to traverse the board.

You know the basics are ready to embark on your journey!

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