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Night Sky


"From starlight Mother Arbor was born."

Standing before the roots, you know what you must do. You place your hand upon their ancient bark and suddenly, a wave of memory overtakes you. Your mind is flooded with a great rush of emotion.

You remember your Mother, so kind and strong.

She taught you everything you know. The mysteries of the sky. 

The wisdom of the earth. The ways of the forest.

As night descends upon the garden world, you look up. Above you you see countless lights. You recall that you once wielded their power. 

If you are to regrow the world to what it once was, you will need them. The time has come to call upon the Stars once again.


The player that completed the Quest from Chapter I has unlocked new rules for the group! Well done. They must now meditate upon the knowledge they have restored. Their next turn is skipped. 

In this Chapter, you will learn about Star Cards, which are drawn during your Dusk Phase and played during your Day Phase.


The Dusk Phase of your turn is the final part of your turn. As the sun sets, the Stars are revealed to you.


In this Phase, you can choose to spend Manna to draw Star Cards into you hand. Drawing Star Cards is the last thing you do on your turn.

Drawing Star Cards

Drawing a Star Card costs 3 Manna. 

How to draw Star Cards

(1) Take the top 2 cards of the Star Card deck and lay them face down so that all players can see them.  

(2) The back of the Star Card displays the Spirit the card is associated with. The 5 Spirits represent different types of effects that Star Cards can have. 

(3) After displaying the cards, you choose 1 card based on the Spirit you want to use. You add that card to your hand. You can now look at the effect of the card.

(4) You return the card you didn't choose to the top of the Star Card deck.

NOTE: When drawing multiple Star Cards with Manna, you always choose between 1 more card than you are drawing. For example: drawing 2, display 3. 

The 5 Spirits

The Stars look down upon Arbor from their palace in the sky with fleeting interest. From time to time, they lend their power to those who offer them reverence. 








Shadow cards steal resources from your opponents.



Light cards grow

Trees on the board and expand your forest.



Fate cards manipulate other Star Cards and alter destiny.



Fire cards burn your opponent's Trees, removing them from the board.



Storm cards cripple your opponents' use of Manna.


Playing Star Cards

You have unlocked a new Day Phase Action: Playing Star Cards!

Star Cards cost Manna to play. 

After Star Cards are played, they are  placed face up on the discard pile next to the Star Card deck. 

Star Cards display 3 pieces of information:


(1) The Stars at the top of the card display the Manna cost of the card.

If a Star Card displays an empty circle at the top of the card (like on Hand of Fate) the card does not cost Manna to play.


(2) The name of the Star Card is written below the Manna cost.

(3) The effect of the Star Card is written below the rune that represents the Star Card. 


The Rule of Eternity

Eternal cards cannot be moved or removed by any effect.

While some Stars are benevolent, others are not. You will need to protect your Forest from the wrath of Fire or the trickery of Shadow. Luckily, you are able to shield the Forest from harm. 

The card your Ancient  is standing on is protected from the influence of any card or effect in the game. This protection is known as Eternity.

When a card is Eternal, it cannot be moved or removed by any card or effect. This means that neither you nor your opponents can do anything to it.

Special Rule:

The Soul of the Forest

As you progress in a Game of Arbor, your Forest will reach far and wide. While this is essential to victory, it will also leave you vulnerable.

There are many cards that make it possible for your opponent to separate parts of your Forest from the whole. 

If the connection between your cards and your Ancient is severed, you cannot interact with the severed cards in any way: they are no longer considered part of "your Forest." 

Night Sky

MEMORY restored:



Call Upon the Stars

Draw 3 Star Cards and play 1 Star Card.

You will need to save Manna until the end of your turn in order to draw Star Cards during your Dusk Phase

The first player to do so will earn 1 Glory and advance the group to Chapter 3.

TIP: It is a good idea for all players to connect their Forest to at least 1 Root Card. Generally, the more Roots you are connected to, the better.

Why, you ask? That remains to be seen.

Quest Complete?

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