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Flower Blossoms


"The forest sings songs of harmony once again."

Look how far you have come. Your forest has grown, great Temples stand among the trees, you wield the power of the Stars and soil in your hands. 

You know you are on the right path. Life is returning to your world. The Mother would be proud. If only she could see you now.

Your memory is still faded, yet it becomes sharper with each passing day. Perhaps soon you will remember who you are. 

Yet there is more work to be done. You have waited long enough. The time has come to prove you are the one who will return harmony to the world.


The player that completed the Quest from Chapter IV  has unlocked new rules for the group! Well done. They must now meditate upon the knowledge they have restored. Their next turn is skipped. 

In this Chapter, you will learn about the maximum number of Effect Cards you can hold in your hand. 

Maximum 6 Effect Cards in Hand

You are only allowed to hold 6 Effect Cards (Star and Cultivation Cards) in your hand at one time.


While there is no limit to the number of Effect Cards you can draw on your turn, if you already have 6 Effect Cards in your hand, you can't draw any more. You cannot discard cards from your hand, you have to play them before you can draw any more. 

Flower Blossoms

MEMORY restored:



Prove your Power

In the same turn, play 2 Cultivation Cards and grow at least 4 Trees.

You may need to prepare yourself to be able to pull off such a feat. Remember, the tools you need are in the Star and Cultivation Card decks.

The first player to do so will earn 1 Glory and advance the group to Chapter 6.

Quest Complete?

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