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Tropical Beach


"The world that fell shall rise again."

Your realm stretches far and wide. Trees tower over shaded gardens. Leaves sway gently in the breeze. You have come far.

And yet, something is missing. A single memory evades you, just out of reach. Perhaps there is a way to free it once again. 


There was once a place where the greatest knowledge was kept. A place where the light of the Stars pooled and the spirits could drink of its essence. 

Perhaps if you built such a place, you could lift the final veil of sleep from you mind. It is time to build the Arborium. 


The player that completed the Quest from Chapter 6  has unlocked new rules for the group! Well done. They must now meditate upon the knowledge they have restored. Their next turn is skipped. 

In this Chapter, you will learn about the Arborium: how to build it and the bonuses it gives you.


Building the Arborium 

The Arborium is a Structure (similar to a Temple) that you can place on the board to fortify your Forest.  

Building the Arborium costs 3 Manna and 6 Trees. 

You can only build 1 Arborium in your Forest.

Where you can build The Arborium

Building the Arborium follows the same rules as building Temples:

(1) They can only be placed in a space that is connected to a card of your color.

(2) They can only be placed in a Fertile space.

(3) The space you build the Arborium in must be bordered by at least 2 of your Trees.

Story Mode Arborium1.png
Story Mode Arborium2.png

An Active Arborium stands in the Lavender Forest.

A Tree has fallen, the Arborium is now Inactive.



Building the Arborium costs:

(1) 3 Manna

(2) 6 Trees

When Active, the Arborium gives you +2 Manna in your Dawn Phase. 

If you start your turn standing on The Arborium, you do not roll the Manna Dice and start your turn with 8 Manna instead.


Eternal Structures

Just like Temples, the Arborium is Eternal, which means that it cannot be moved or removed by any effect.

Once you build the Arborium, it isn't going anywhere, and you have permanently claimed that space on the board.

The Soul of the Forest (Part 3)

If the connection between your Ancient and your Arborium is severed, it is considered Inactive

You lose the benefits it gives you until you are able to reconnect your Forest. 

However, Structures (Temples & the Arborium) never lose Eternity.

Tropical Beach

MEMORY restored:



Build the Arborium

Build the Arborium in your Forest.

You will need to save Trees in your hand in order to build the Arborium.

The first player to do so will earn 1 Glory and advance the group to Chapter 7.

Quest Complete?

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