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elf wizard    level 1


You keep your journal with you at all times. The leather is worn, but still strong.


The instrument that Catherine of Farport played in the galley of the Providence. You used it as a shield, but kept it as a memento.


A new adventure...

For our third session, please prepare the following:

  • Finalise your character at Level 1​​

    • Select your spells, cantrips, and equipment that you want to start the game with.​

    • These decisions are final. I will not allow you to change your setup. 

  • Learn about how your Class will progress:​

    • I recommend watching the Dungeon Dudes video for your class. This will help you understand your unique mechanics.​

    • Select the Subclass or Upgrade you want to pursue. This is class specific.

      • Let me know once you have done so.​

    • I need you to be an expert on your Class mechanics. ​

  • Get ready to go!​

Chapter 2 Prep

Our story will be told across multiple sessions, through the course of great and exciting adventures. In order to get started, I need you to do some preparation. 

For our first session, you'll need to prepare your character. Feel free to use any DnD resource to help, but I can personally recommend DnD Beyond as a place to get started. Creating a character includes choosing a Race and a Class that you want to play. 

Alongside the basics, you can also think about your character's personality, their backstory, or anything that you feel will help round them out as a believable person. 

In order to help me prepare the story of Skyward, I would like you to answer the following questions:

1. What is your character's motivation for joining the voyage of the Providence into the unknown? (for example, is it seeking treasure, or knowledge, or adventure?)

2. What kind of life is your character leaving behind? What were the circumstances of their life before the journey?

3. What is deep secret that your character keeps?



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